Our Mission

To be one of the globally recognized EPC company  by investing in global expertise for continuous steps up.


Who We Are?

Middle East Engineering LLC (MEE-US) is a US firm which has been formed as a result of  long years of success in the design-build field though MEE’s owned companies globally. The History started when MEE team decided to get the challenges and act where engineering is required in most critical areas to support the communities overseas. For this mission, the first company of MEE Group companies has been incorporated to operate in the middle east area to support in building the infrastructure of Iraq after the 2003 war.

from that point, MEE-Iraq was incorporated and performed in a very challenging enviroment to help in re-building the Infrastructe of Iraq working together with the US Army, UN and Iraqi government to achieve the mission.

Year by Year MEE proved through its proffessional management and engineering team the continuous success capability and developed its resources to expand its services to include the Oil & Gas field as an EPC Contractor for pipeline and tank farms. the continuous development and willingness of golabl act made the decision to incorporate MEE-US to be the group leader and the parent company for all of MEEs owned companies and to expand its business to include the North America market to be the Headquaters of MEE group. the maximum of client and governmental satisfaction.

Middle East Engineering LLC has successfully completed many contracts in Iraq since 2005 through its owned company (MEE-iraq) and is steadily becoming one of the recognized industry service provider with doors openned to the global market.MEE’s reliable track record and enthusiasm is fast attracting International business and Joint Venture (JV) partners.MEE welcomes all opportunities to do business globally and serve the global community to beyond engineering.


Our Vision

Our aim is to always be on the steps up developing the experts serving the globe.




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